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Al Quan: "It's like I was telling you, Harry. Celebrities, they always die in..."

Harry Callahan: "...in threes."

Al Quan: "At least the guy went out with..."

Harry Callahan: "...a bang. Yeah, I know."

-Al to Harry as the two try to uncover the deaths.


Status: Alive

Weapon: Al carries an unknown gun throughout the film, he did however rely more on his martial arts.

Inspector Al Quan is Harry Callahan's partner and the deuteragonist in the fifth Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool.

Quan was Chinese-American and grew up in San Francisco's Chinatown. In his younger days, he was in a gang that would make store owners pay protection money. As a cop, he worked in youth gang task force.

He ends up transferring to Homicide and being partnered with Callahan. Callahan warns Al of the dangers of being his partner and tells him to get a bulletproof vest. Throughout the film, Al likes to make jokes which Harry doesn't laugh at. Quan is also skilled at martial arts and uses it on a robber. Over the course of the movie Harry gets along with him more and the two spend time jogging together. Although near the end of the film, Quan manages to survive Harlan Rook's bomb by wearing a bulletproof vest. Thankfully he took Harry's advice. Al then went to the hospital and lived; where which the doctor told him that he probably wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for his vest.

He was played by Evan C. Kim.


  • He was the first of Harry's partners to rely more on physical fighting.
  • He also is the first out of Harry's partners to have a criminal background.