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Butcher Hicks was a character in the Dirty Harry movie The Dead Pool. A hulking, tattooed inmate of San Quentin prison, Hicks was briefly employed by Harry Callahan as muscle when Harry visited mobster kingpin Lou Janero in Quentin. Seeking to halt Janero's attempts to kill him while testifying against the gangster, Harry offers Hicks a carton of cigarettes just to "stand where I tell you to." Hicks agrees and accompanies Harry.

At Janero's cell, Harry tells Janero to call off his assassination attempts. Janero scoffs, saying he has no knowledge of any orders. Harry suddenly grabs Janero, telling him he needs a job: Harry says he'll be writing to his new pen pal, Hicks and Janero will be the "mailman." Harry describes Hicks as a cannibal who ate his victims. If anything happens to Harry on the outside and Hicks doesn't get his letters, he'll be prompted to visit Janero & kill him or injure him severely. Harry leaves the frightened Janero behind, hands the carton of cigarettes to Hicks and tells him that Janero said smoking is unhealthy and people who do are stupid. Hick growls at Janero, who sinks back into his cell.

The ruse seems to work for Harry: a few days later, while jogging on the Embarcadero, Harry is tailed by a couple of Janero's men. He fights them briefly before they tell him they've been sent by Janero to act as bodyguards. An annoyed Harry lets them go.