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"No wonder they call him Dirty Harry. Always gets the shit-end of the stick."

-Gonzalez after being taken off the case, leaving only Harry to deal with the issue.

Status: Alive

Weapon: Colt Detective Special

Chico Gonzalez was Harry Callahan's partner and the deuteragonist in Dirty Harry.

Gonzalez was a newcomer who graduated from San Jose state. He has a wife. Harry did not treat him well at first, but they ended up getting along. Gonzalez showed to hold his ground throughout the film. After being taken off the case, Harry still had Gonzalez follow him while he played Scorpios game. In the end was wounded when Scorpio shot him with a sub-machine gun while trying to save Harry. While recovering, Gonzalez decides to quit the police force after what he went through. In Magnum Force, he is mentioned by Harry and is said to have become a teacher.

He was played by the late Reni Santoni who played Poppie on the television sitcom Seinfeld.


  • He alongside Al Quan are the only partners of Harry's to survive.