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Lt. Donnelly: "Helluva way to spend the night off, Harry!"

Harry Callahan: "You joining the act, too?"

Lt. Donnelly: "No, for christ sakes! Back off a little! I'm worried about your ass. You're either gonna get it shot off or kicked outta here!"

Harry Callahan: "So what else is new?"

-Donnelly to Callahan in Sudden Impact.


Donelly in Sudden Impact

Status: Alive

One of Harry Callahan's superiors, who appears in the last two films Sudden Impact and The Dead Pool as a supporting character. He is a lieutenant in Sudden Impact and a captain in the Dead Pool.

Much like Lt. Bressler, he is generally more on Harry's side and defense compared to Harry's other superiors.

In Sudden Impact he decides to send Harry to San Paulo to investigate Wilbur's background information regarding his murder. He is frustrated that death and destruction surrounds Callahan but has concern for Callahan's safety.

In the Dead Pool he returns again as Harry's boss and partners him with Al Quan. He along with Harry gets annoyed by Lt. Ackerman. Donnelly also lets Harry get away with a lot more stuff compared to his previous superiors.

He was played by the late Michael Currie.