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Frank DiGiorgio: "You need any help, Harry?"

Harry Callahan: "Go on out and get some air, fatso!"

-Frank assisiting Harry on catching Scorpio.


Frank DiGiorgio

Status: Deceased

Cause of death: Stabbed in the back by Bobby Maxwell.

Weapons: Smith & Wesson Model 10 Snub, Winchester Model 70, Smith & Wesson Model 28, Federal M201-Z Grenade Launcher

Frank "Fatso" DiGiorgio was a longtime cop friend of Harry Callahan. He appeared in the first three Dirty Harry films as a supporting character.

In Dirty Harry, Callahan wanted to be partnered with Frank instead of newcomer Chico Gonzalez to his boss' refusal. Afterwards, Frank tells Chico that Harry hates just about everyone. Later, DiGiorgio accompanies Harry Callahan to the football stadium where Harry catches Scorpio.

In Magnum Force, Frank DiGiorgio is part of a police stakeout watching drug dealer Lou Guzman. They watch as Officer Charlie McCoy accidentally crashes into a pedestrian vehicle but brush it off. Right after that, Officer Davis murders Guzman, his sex friends and later Officer McCoy. DiGiorgio and his partner witness the body of Guzman's naked prostitute shot out of his penthouse and immediately head to the building but were too late to stop anything. Afterwards, he participated in the Police Department's annual shooting competition where both he and Harry mention their suspicions with Officer Davis, wondering how he got to the scene before they did.

In The Enforcer, DiGiorgio is Harry's partner at the beginning of the film. After assisting Harry in stopping a robbery, Frank and another officer end up finding the body of a dead security guard at a warehouse. Upon entering, they find out Bobby Maxwell and his gang are stealing weapons there. He is stabbed in the back by Maxwell while bravely trying to arrest them before his partner gets run over by the gang.

Frank DiGiorgio: "Ten-to-one they blow it."

Harry Callahan: "Not this time, Frank."

-Frank's last words to Harry before dying from his wounds.

He later dies in a hospital as he told Harry he had seen Bobby Maxwell in an earlier investigation. He was mourned by Harry, Lt. Bressler and his wife. Frank's death caused Harry to make it his goal to destroy Bobby Maxwell. In the end, Harry manages to take down Maxwell and his gang, avenging his late friend's death, as well as avenging Kate Moore's death.

Frank was played by the late John Mitchum, who is the younger brother of the late Robert Mitchum.


  • Harry's nickname for Frank was "Fatso", although Frank wasn't offended by this at all.
  • In the third Dirty Harry film The Enforcer, he offers to help back Harry up in a store robbery before Harry tells him he'd need more than "too much linguine" to help him. This is a reference to the first film where DiGiorgio says he can't climb the football field fence with Harry because of having too much linguine.
  • Frank is the only one of Harry's colleagues to appear in more than one Dirty Harry movie, making it through three of the films until his death in The Enforcer. The other being Lt. Bressler who appeared in only the first film and The Enforcer.