Digiorgio in the Enforcer

Frank Digiorgio is a longtime cop friend of Harry Callahan. He appears in the first three Dirty harry films. Digiorgio first appeared in Dirty Harry. Callahan wanted to be partnered with Frank instead newcomer Chico Gonzalez. Frank tells Chico that Harry hates everyone. Later Digiorgio accompanies Harry Callahan to the football stadium where Harry catches Scorpio. In Magnum Force, Frank Digiorgio is part of a police stakeout watching drug dealer Lou Guzman. He also appears at the Police Dept's shooting competition. In the Enforcer Digiorgio is Harry's partner at the beginning of the film. Frank gets killed by Bobby Maxwell when trying to stop the Peoples Revolutionary Strike Force from stealing weapons at a wharehouse. He got his throat slit. He later dies in a hospital when telling Harry when he saw Bobby Maxwell from an earlier investigation. Harry vows revenge for Frank's death and makes it his goal to destroy Bobby Maxwell. He was played by John Mitchum.