Hawkins is a murderer arrested by Harry Callahan that gets away with the crime. He appears in Sudden Impact. In court the judge says the evidence can't be used becuase Callahan got the evidence illegally. Then Hawkins was let go. He and his buddies mocked Harry. Harry grabbed Hawkins by the tie and called him dog shit. Later on after Harry gets back from a short vacation Hawkins and his buddies try to kill Callahan. They drive after him and break his windows with baseball bats. After that they threw molotov cocktails into his car. Harry's car was then set on fire and Harry had to get out. As the punks were about to run over Harry he grabbed one of the molotov cocktails that didn't explode and threw at their windshield. This caused the driver to accidently drive off a pier and into the ocean. Their car then sank into the ocean. They all drowned. He was played by Kevyn Major Howard.