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Horace King: "Look, you got start being careful. I think you really should go on vacation."

Harry Callahan: "Forget it. I never take a vacation."

Horace King: "Well either that or quit."

Harry Callahan: "That's good idea right there. I really should quit. Then I can handle the law my own way."

Horace King: "Yeah, but then you'll be a JAMF."

Harry Callahan: "Uh huh. And what is a JAMF?"

Horace King : "Jive ass mother..."

Harry Callahan: "Forget I asked."

-Horrace King to Harry Callahan.

Horace King

Status: Deceased

Cause of death: Throat slashed by Mick.

Weapons: Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun, Colt Trooper

Horace King was an inspector in the fourth Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact and was one of the two deuteragonist's. He was a good friend of Harry Callahan and praised his methods.

He encouraged Harry to stay on the police force. When Harry drives to San Paulo, Horace left Harry a pet dog in his motel room. Harry later calls Horace to send him the ballistics report on Wilbur's murder. Near the end of the movie Horace shows up at Harry's motel room to celebrate and tell him that Threilkis' goons have given up trying to kill Harry and that the heat was off. When he enters the motel room he is put at gun point. Mick, Eddie, and Carl broke into the motel room to ambush Harry. Mick pulls out a switch blade knife and slashes his throat. Harry later discovers his body and seeks revenge against Mick.

His death would later be avenged by Harry, as would the tragic events that happened to Jane Spencer.

He is played by the late Albert Popwell, who also plays the bank robber from Dirty Harry who is asked if he feels lucky, the pimp in Magnum Force and Mustapha in The Enforcer. Popwell made an appearance in every Dirty Harry film except the Dead Pool due to scheduling conflicts.


  • As stated above, King was played by the late Albert Popwell who was a good friend of Clint Eastwood's in real life and appeared in every Dirty Harry film except for The Dead Pool.
  • Much like Early Smith in Magnum Force, Horace is a friend of Harry's right from the start and the two get along just well, unlike most of Harry's partners that win over his respect and gratitude in the end.
  • Horrace along with Jennifer Spencer are both the deuteragonist's of this film.