Horace King
Horace King was a cop in the fourth Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact. He was a friend of Harry Callahan and praised his methods. He encouraged Harry to stay on the police force. When Harry drives to San Paulo, Horace left Harry a pet dog in his motel room. Harry later calls Horace to send him the ballistics report on Wilbur's murder. Near the end of the movie Horace shows up at Harry's motel room to celebrate and tell him that Threilkis' goons have given up trying to kill Harry and that the heat was off. When he enters the motel room he is put at gun point. Mick, Eddie, and Carl broke into the motel room to ambush Harry. Mick pulls out a switch blade knife and slashes his throat.

He is played by Albert Popwell, who also plays the bank robber from Dirty Harry who is asked if he feels lucky. Popwell made an appearance in every Dirty Harry film except the Dead Pool.