Status: Deceased

Kate Moore is Harry's only female partner.

When she first met Harry he took part in evaluating her before she was promoted to Inspector. Callahan was not impressed by Moore's inexperience. He was also upset that she had never made an arrest before. Despite this she was promoted to Inspector and was assigned as Callahan's partner. Callahan was not pleased by this and she embarrassed Harry on the job a few times due to her inexperience and uptight attitude. She also had a weak stomach for autopsies. She started off as overly eager and by the book. She eventually won Harry's trust and helped him in killing the last of Bobby Maxwell's terrorist group and rescuing the mayor on Alcatraz Island. Unfortunately she was killed by Bobby Maxwell when he gunned her down. Before she died she told Callahan to kill Maxwell for her. She was played by actress Tyne Daly.