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Jeff Howser was a member of Peter Swan's crew during the movie, Hotel Satan in San Francisco.

Jeff Howser

Jeff Howser on set

Status: Alive[]

Howser was Swan's effects supervisor  during the fifth and final Dirty Harry film, The Dead Pool. He was in charge of special/electric effects while filming the movie, Hotel Satan with Vicky Owens, Swan's main assistant among many others working on the film.

Mostly, Howser gets harshly criticized throughout the film such as during Johnny Squares's "Welcome to the Jungle" song in the film, the dummy's hair (which was in place of the girl in the rock video) got on fire. This incident infuriated Swan, who viciously insulted Howser with words like, "Trust me." (when talking to Owens), "Do you know how they say, "fuck you" in the business ?" whenever Howser explained he had gotten the bugs worked out. He was also one of many alongside Swan and Owens, who participated in the Dead Pool game in which each person can predict the death of numerous celebrities in San Francisco.

When Squares was found deaad, Howser was considered a potential suspect along with Owens, Swan and many in Swan's film crew. However, this wasn't the case since Howser's list of celebrities weren't dead. During the Pier sequence outside of downtown San Francisco, Swan blasted Howser's incompetence due to the tide shifting during one of the outdoor scene in which Swan told him, "This is the third time this week, you'll never ever work in any of my films again."

Later, Howser was seen wearing a Hotel Satan jacket while buying some equipment at a local store and left, never being heard from again. It is assumed Howser either lost his job as the effects supervisor or kept his job.