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Jennifer spencer

Jennifer Spencer

"All right, you prickless scum! You think you can get it up this time? You think you can make it work this time! You want me, you filthy maggot, you TAKE ME!. 'Cause this time you'll have to rape my dead body!"

-Jennifer calling out Mick after being kidnapped by him.

Status: Alive

Weapon: Colt Detective Special

Jennifer Spencer was one of the two deuteragonist's in the fourth Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact.

Her and her sister were the victim of a violent sexual assault. Sometime in college a young Jennifer Spencer was befriended by Ray Parkins. Ray invited Jennifer and her sister Elizabeth to come to a beach party in the evening. Sadly this was a trap! When Jennifer and Elizabeth arrived under the board walk of the San Paulo carnival, a group of drunk men were there led by Mick. Ray was also there. After some awkward silence the men proceeded to ravage the two girls while Rae Parkins turned up the radio loudly to muffle their screams. Krueger, Tyrone, Mick, Wilbur, and the police chief's son Alby gang raped the girls. Alby reluctantly raped only because he was pressured and didn't want to look homosexual. Elizabeth became catatonic like a vegetable after the trauma.

Ten years later, Jennifer got a gun and ran into one of her former rapists, Wilbur. Wilbur did not recognize her and went on a date with her and then drove her two a secluded area and began kissing her. Jennifer unzipped his pants and put a gun to his balls and fired, and then shot him the head.

She went back to San Paulo and began shooting all the men who raped her and her sister. Rae Parkins and Mick tried to intercept her plans and kill her. Near the end of the movie Mick captured Jennifer and planned to rape her a second time. She said he'd have to kill her to rape her, so Mick beat her and tried to kill her. Harry stopped him just in time. Jennifer got away with the crime because Harry said that her gun belonged to Mick and accused Mick of all the killings. Jennifer and Harry began a romantic relationship.

Jennifer Spencer was played by the late Sandra Louise Anderson aka her professional name of Sondra Locke.


  • Jennifer's actor Sondra Locke entered a domestic partnership with Clint Eastwood in real life.
  • Despite seemingly starting a relationship with Harry, she never appears in the next film The Dead Pool nor is she mentioned.
  • Her along with Horace King are both the deuteragonist's of this film.