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Captain McKay
"I expect you and every other man on this force to behave with restraint or turn in his resignation. You're on notice, Callahan. This little wild west show of yours yesterday is exactly the kind of thing this department's no longer prepared to tolerate!"
—Jerome McKay to Harry Callahan

Captain McKay is Harry's boss in the 3rd film The Enforcer. He is very critical of Harry Callahan. He tells Harry that his violent methods are to no longer be tolerated in the police department. He forces him to become partners with Kate Moore and ignores Harry's suggestion of the terrorist leader being a former pimp. McKay ends up suspending Harry from the force for telling the Mayor that the black miitants were not behind the weapons hijacking. When he realizes "Big" Ed Mustapha was not responsible for the terrorist plot he demands that Harry give him all the information he knows. Harry refuses to give any information and tells him he'll take care of the problem himself. At the end of the film he flies a helicopter to Alcatraz Island telling Bobby Maxwell that his demands have been met, not knowing that Maxwell and his terrorist group are all dead.

He's played by Bradford Dillman who also played Capt. Briggs in Sudden Impact