Lou Janero

Lou Janero is a mobster that Harry Callahan puts behind bars. He was charged with murder of one of his fellow crime members who testified against him. He was also charged with bookmaking and illegal gambling. After being put in prison, he somehow contacts his hitmen to kill Harry. Both groups sent to kill Callahan fail. Later, Callahan visits Janero in San Quentin prison to scare him. He brings in a large muscular cannibal inmate, Butcher Hicks, and tells Janero he will write letters to Hicks to get him special privileges in jail, charging Janero with being the "mailman." If Harry is killed, he won't get his letters and Hicks will attack Janero. Janero takes the threat seriously and calls off his thugs. Later, while Harry jogs on the Embarcadero, he fights briefly with a couple of Janero's men. Before he beats them too severely, they manage to inform him they were sent by Janero to act as bodyguards.