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Mick wielding Horrace's Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun and Jennifer's Colt Detective Special.

"Hot shot cop! Your ass is mine!"

-Mick while beating Harry Callahan.

Status: Deceased

Cause of death: Shot and fell only to be impaled on a carousel unicorn by Harry Callahan.

Weapons: Browning Hi-Power, Smith & Wesson 3000 Shotgun, Colt Detective Special, Switchblade

Mick is the main antagonist in the fourth Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact. He is a violent sexist, who rapes, beats, and abuses women.

Little is known about Mick except Mick and his friends gang raped Jennifer Spencer and her sister Elizabeth while in college. He and his gang of friends were not arrested for the gang rape. One of the rapists was Alby Jannings the son of the police chief of the town, Lester Jannings. Chief Jannings was humiliated and could not stand to have his son arrested. Mick would use this as blackmail against the Chief for the next 10 years. Ten years later he was living in Las Vegas where he frequently had sex with hookers and was rough with them. Ray Parkins then called Mick to come by San Paulo because the other offenders were being killed by Jennifer. He and Ray planned to kill Jennifer.

Later he was arrested by Harry when Mick tried to shoot Harry although Krueger's brother in-laws bailed him out of jail. Mick then killed Harry's friend Horace in Harry's motel room and later killed the San Paulo police chief Lester Jennings. Mick planned to rape Jennifer all over again at the same carnival with the help from Kruger's brother in-laws Eddy and Carl. He brutally beat Jennifer but right before he could kill her Harry came to the rescue.

After both Eddy and Carl were killed, Mick took Jennifer on the top of the big dipper and held her as a human shield. Jennifer managed to escape Mick and Harry shot him twice in the chest with the Auto-Mag. Mick then fell to his death on a carousel unicorn and was impaled on the horn, avenging the death of Horace and avenging the horrific events inflicted on Jennifer and her sister. Harry then told the police that Mick's gun was used in the all the killings, that way Jennifer was free to go.

He was played by Paul Drake.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, he doesn't appear until a little later in the movie.
  • He shares some similarities with Charles "Scorpio" Davis, the first Dirty Harry villain. Both show no remorse to their sexual assault victims and leaving them to die. Both have been arrested by Callahan only to be released. Both also manage to get the best of Callahan only to be killed in the end.