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Norma is Chico Gonzalez's wife in Dirty Harry. She is seen visiting Chico at a rehab hospital after he is recovering from being shot by Scorpio.  

She has a conversation with Harry as she is leaving the hospital that she does not know if she has what it takes to be a policeman's wife. She confesses that she worries daily about Chico's safety and worrying about him being killed in duty. She asks Harry how his wife deals with it. Harry tells her that his wife was killed by a drunk driver. Harry tells Norma that police work is not the line of work for her or her husband. When Norma asks Harry why he stays a cop, he answers that he does not know why he is.

She was played by the late Lyn Edgington.


  • Dirty Harry was Lyn Edgington's final film credit.