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Officer Grimes

"You shouldn't be on a street these days if you can't shoot well. Killers don't make allowances."

-Officer Grimes to Harry Callahan.

Status: Deceased

Cause of death: Run over head on by Harry Callahan.

Weapon: .357 Magnum Colt Python

Michael Grimes was one of the rookie vigilante cops and one of the four secondary antagonists of the 2nd Dirty Harry film Magnum Force.

Grimes was the first police officer to start killing criminals at the very opening of the movie. Pulling over and killing acquitted mobster/murderer Carmine Ricca along with his lawyer, driver and bodyguard right after leaving his court trial. Before that, he is seen at his home watching the trial aftermath on the news before getting his gear and leaving to make the kill.

He is seen alongside Davis, Sweet and Astrachan at the firing range where they first meet Harry, then later attending the firing range competition where Davis beats Harry in a combat shoot off.

Near the end of the movie, after Harry figures out who has been doing the killings, Grimes alongside Davis and Astrachan reveal their intent to rid San Fransisco of its scum and criminals to Harry and offer him to join their organization to which he refuses.

After Harry finds a bomb in his mailbox, Briggs reveals his true colours to Callahan and arranges Grimes to follow and execute Harry. However, Harry manages to disarm and knockout Briggs, leaving Grimes to chase and shoot at Harry while on his motorcycle. However the car always wins, because after chasing Harry throughout the streets of San Fransisco, Harry kills Grimes by head-on colliding the car into Grimes and his motorcycle which instantly kills him. His body would then be discovered by Briggs who takes his .357 Magnum and later holds Harry at gun point with it. Grimes was the second of the death squad to die.

Grimes was played by late actor Robert Urich, who starred in television shows such as S.W.A.T. and Vega$.


  • It is possible Grimes was affiliated or had a friendship with Officer Charlie McCoy who served as the red herring for the motorcycle cop killings. Evidence to prove this would be the picture of Charlie McCoy that was next to Grimes' television.
  • Grimes is one of the two vigilante cops (alongside Sweet) not to be at the final battle with Davis and Red since he was killed by Harry moments before.
  • Two deleted scenes help explain why Harry grows to suspect Grimes and his pals with the after examining the bullet from Davis' gun at the combat championship range, one of which had to do with Harry looking over old issues of a police magazine, in which are articles condemning the revolving door justice allowed by liberal politics - articles authored by the four rookie cops. These scenes were deleted presumably because they were judged to be "padding" and not necessary to establishing Harry's suspicion of the four rookie cops.