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Status: Alive

Peter Swan is a British horror film director in the final Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool. He is directing his latest film Hotel Satan when the film's star, rocker Johnny Squares, is killed in an apparent self-inflicted overdose of synthetic designer drugs. Detective Harry Callahan is brought in to investigate. Squares' death angers Swan not because of the human loss, but because he must now finish his movie without the star. Swan is rude and unfair to most of his film crew, often attacking them with insults for real or perceived failures on the set. He is also arrogant, self-important and suffers from a mild persecution complex, believing that the world hates him because they are envious of his talents as a director. Swan frequently receives hate mail and nearly all the reviews for his films are bad. For many years Harlan Rook stalked Swan and wanted Swan to direct a movie he wrote. Rook knew everything about Swan and his films, which disturbed Swan so much he put a restraining order on Rook. During the filming of Hotel Satan, Swan and his crew played a morbid game called "The Dead Pool". They betted on celebrities likely to die in the next 12 months and whoever had the list of the most dead celebrities would win the game. The purpose of the game was to choose people who weren't going to live much longer, either because they were old, in bad health, or had high risk occupations. Rook took the game into his own hands and began murdering the celebrities on Peter Swan's dead pool list while fantasizing that he was Swan. Harry realized that someone was pretending to be Swan to falsely implicate him, and didn't arrest Swan, which infuriated Rook so much that he added Harry Callahan to the dead pool list and eventually kidnapped Samantha Walker to live out his horror fantasies. Even though Swan was mean and rude to Harry at first when he was still a suspect, he eventually started being more cooperative with Harry when it was established that he wasn't the killer. Nevertheless, Harry could never completely excuse Swan's insatiable ego nor the gory subject matter of his films and treated Swan semi-dismissively even while helping him. After Rook was killed Swan's name was cleared.


Peter Swan was played by Liam Neeson.