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Harry Callahan: "Do you like cops?"

Samantha Walker: "As long as they're not in my rearview mirror."

-Samantha to Harry Callahan.

Samantha walker 2

Samantha Walker is a main character in the fifth Dirty Harry film The Dead Pool. She is a news reporter in San Francisco, California. Samantha was born in Colorado and started her job in journalism there.

She covered hard news, sports, and many other things. Later, she moved to California. At first she, is a careless and selfish reporter who is insensitive to others. For example, filming Johnny Squares' girlfriend mourning his death. This outraged Harry and he broke her camera. Samantha had an interest in interviewing Harry because of all the danger that happens to him. Callahan repeatedly refuses. Later, at a restaurant, she gets shot at along with Harry by Lou Janero's hitmen. She then realizes what danger is actually like. From then on, she is more considerate and respectful.

She refuses to film a man kill himself. During this time Harry and Samantha begin liking each other romantically. When Harry is directly targeted by Harlan Rook, Samantha lets Harry stay overnight at her place. Later on, she is kidnapped by Harlan Rook who pretended to be Peter Swan.

He kidnaps her at knife point at the news station after killing her camera man. Rook took her to a movie studio and told her his evil scheme. When she tries to fight him, he overpowers her and tries to rape and kill her. Luckily, Harry shows up and stops this. After running away from Rook she hides until Harry kills Rook. At the end of the movie, Harry and Samantha walk off together past the news reporters.

She was played by Patricia Clarkson.