Tyrone was once part of Mick's gang in college. He took part in raping Jennifer Spencer and her younger sister Elizabeth. Several years later Tyrone became a business man. He ended up opening his own hardware store in San Paulo. He ran his store and constantly regretted the fact that he raped two women. He repeadetly tried to deny that he did and couldn't admit to it. He also split from the gang and broke contact with his former friends at some point. He despises Mick and Ray. Ray and Mick also hate him. After Krueger and Wilbur are killed, Ray confronts him at his store even though he has banned her from it. She tells him the news of their deaths and tuants Tyrone how he dosen't want anyone to find out. Later he is confroted by Jennifer and he tries to apologize to her. She kills him with one shot to the testicles and another shot to the head.